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Being with beta means being in constant development and improvement, in an endless search for quality for our consumers. Home

Our company is creative, restless, progressive and is always ready to do the new. Our name is the translation of that: “In” means what is constant; and “Betta” means the transformation. It is the union and the creativity in our DNA. A symbology in harmony with the precepts of simplifying things to make everything practical, creative and surprising. Home

InBetta is a brand that is already born great, bringing together 6 big companies that produce 4,500 different products, totalizing around 50,000,000 units per month, marketed all over Brazil and exported to more than 50 countries. There are more than 2,600 professionals working to make life easier for people through their main feature: creativity. Currently, the corporation has companies, which operate in five different segments: Hygiene and Cleaning, Organization, Maintenance, Finishing and Professional Line.

“To offer creative and appropriate solutions to facilitate everybody’s lives.”
“To offer creative and appropriate solutions to facilitate everybody’s lives.”
  • Passion for the Business
  • Entrepreneurial Attitude
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Respect for people
  • Quality
  • Focus on Results
  • Acting in a sustainable way
InBetta Companies:

Rua Gilberto Tadeu Morais, S/N - Bairro Industrial - Esteio - RS
CEP 93270-260 | Fone: (51) 3033.8513 / Fax: (51) 3473.9560
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