A Ordene

You can live in a smarter home
Since 2001, when Ordene started acting in the market, it emerges as the most intelligent and creative system for organizing spaces. Its products combine low cost, durability and design, which are the three premises that lead all company s actions.

An Inbetta brand, Ordene was born with enough attributes to be leader in its category.

To offer creative and practical solutions in the organization of spaces.
To be recognized as a company that offers creative solutions for the organization of spaces
  • Passion for the Business
  • Entrepreneurial Attitude
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Respect for people
  • Quality
  • Focus on Results
  • Acting in a sustainable way
Social Responsibility
Environmental awareness is also present in the company routine. The utilization of clean technologies and the concern about the treatment of the factory debris is a great concern for the company. The water used in the production process receives treatment inside the company. Home

Investments are made in more economical machines, as well as campaigns of environmental awareness are promoted. The garbage produced in the company is separated to facilitate the reuse of the materials. In addition, Ordene carries out its activities in compliance with environmental regulations.

Rua Gilberto Tadeu Morais, S/N - Bairro Industrial - Esteio - RS
CEP 93270-260 | Fone: (51) 3033.8513 / Fax: (51) 3473.9560
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